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Group Companies

Al Furat Group

Diversification in experience always leads to  greater success.
After pursuing its operations in the paper sector for years, today, Al Furat Group started to take root in various fields as the perception of becoming global is the main vision of the Group.

Al Furat Group adapts the path of expansion and always aims for the ultimate quality and progress by combining paper trading, trade fairs, and the medical sector under its umbrella.

Al Furat Paper Trading

Al Furat Paper Trading with 20 years of experience in the paper and tissue sector is a wellknown representative for a great number of companies from Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East.

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Al Furat Fair Organizer

Al Furat Fair Organizer, organizing symposiums, and later establishing the yearly paper and paper products exhibition called Paper One Show.

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Paper One Show

A premier and international paper exhibition dedicated to all kinds of paper and paper manufacturing.

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Paper One Show Virtual

Al Furat Fair Organizer to build a virtual version of the global trade show platform of the actual fair that is bending time and place restrictions for the industry professionals appertaining to attending a fair online.

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