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The story of Al Furat Group

As Al Furat Paper Trading, one of the oldest companies in paper trading founded in 2000, the company has witnessed a successful journey in supplying all raw material, machinery, equipment with their accessories, and consumable items for paper mills, tissue converters, and hygienic manufacturers around the Middle East and  continuing to do so.

In 2006, alongside its ongoing business with the paper trade, the company has entered the fairs sector as Al Furat Fair Organizer.
It has been the year when the pioneer Paper & Tissue One Show exhibition and Paper & Tissue One Show Symposiums were created. Throughout the years,
the Paper & Tissue One Show exhibition has not only become one of the premier exhibitions of its kind but also attained a well-known reputation both around its region and the paper industry as well.

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Today, in this booming digital world, the venture continues with the Paper One Show Virtual. 

Paper One Show Virtual is a unique platform where the Paper One Show takes place . It allows participants access to the digital environment regardless of their time and location.


Al Furat Paper Trading with 20+ years of experience in the paper and tissue sector is a well-known representative for a great number of companies from Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East. The main line of work as a trading agent is the provision of liaison and marketing services by supplying all raw materials, machinery, equipment with their components, and consumable items for paper mills, tissue converters, and hygienic manufacturers around the Middle East.

The long and successful journey in paper trading has inspired Al Furat Paper Trading into taking a new venture under the name of Al Furat Fair Organizer, organizing symposiums, and later establishing the yearly paper and paper products exhibition called Paper & Tissue One Show. A premier and international paper exhibition dedicated to all kinds of paper and paper manufacturing, it is mainly focused on paper jumbo rolls, finished products, raw materials, printing, writing, packaging, tissue and hygienic paper, converters, cartons, corrugated materials, machinery, and paperboard.

Taking into consideration the developments in the digitalizing world, an insight into the future of trade fairs has encouraged    Al Furat Fair Organizer to build a virtual version of the global trade show platform of the actual fair that is bending time and place restrictions for the industry professionals appertaining to attending a fair online. Through Paper One Show Virtual where hundreds and even thousands of professionals from the paper industry meet online, have B2B meetings, organize webinars, and close deals- the platform provides a great insight into the comprehensive overview of the paper sector and the latest industry developments as well.

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